Dr. Shashi Kanojyia


It is generally recognized that psychological factors are of crucial importance in high-level competitive sports. The relation between anxiety and performance has been the subject of many thorough researches. As far as basketball is concerned is a sport, which includes complex and accurate motor skills, and they suggested that psychological factors play an even more decisive role in a competition, differentiating between successful and less successful teams.The purpose of the study was the analysis of sports competition anxiety between men and women, college and university basketball players. For this purpose, list of students who represented Intercollegiate and Interuniversity tournaments was prepared and from these players subjects were selected using method of purposive sampling. The final sample consisted of 12 men college basketball players and 12 women college basketball players & 12 men university basketball players and 12 women university basketball players making total of 48 players. The age range of samples was between 17 to 25 years. In the processing of the data mean, sum of squares, degree of freedom, and mean squares were computed in order to estimate the differences among the groups using ‟F‟ test. In order to locate the pairs where significant differences exist the L.S.D test has been applied. The level of significance was fixed at 0.05 level. This study reveals that significant differences exist between University women and University men, and College men and University men. Where as the College women and University women, College women and College men, and College women and University men, and University Women and College Men were not found to be significantly related.

Keyword: Competition Anxiety, Basketball Players, Men and Women.

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