Dr. Vijay Moghe


The Indian system of medicine & Homeopathy offer a range of safe, preventive and curative therapies which could be very useful in reaching the goal of “Health for all” in a cost effective manner. Except for Yoga and Naturopathy which are drugless therapies, all the systems need plants for the preparation of medicines. It is essential that Indian system of Medicine should be used to encourage the youth and sportsmen to inculcate healthy life  styles and build up their bodies with proven herbs that are no side effects. It is an irony that treatment methods or systems of medicine are classified as alternative and conventional medicine. This is because what is termed as alternative medicine is a system of medicine that is rather more ancient and closer to nature than what we call conventional or modern system of medicine (allopath). Alternative medicine was there long before modern medicine made its entry, and in most countries of the world, alternative medicine is fast becoming popular these days because of conventional medicine proving to be inefficacious under certain conditions and diseases. As we all are well aware that Sports Medicine does a lot in the field of physical education. Improper knowledge about sports medicine may be a major cause of doping. It is right that medicine gives us the sudden relief but its side effects are seen in a long term. Therefore this paper is an attempt to reveal the alternative methods implemented in medicine and its limitation in context with the sports.

Keywords: Naturopathy, Allopath, Sports Medicine, Doping, Physiotherapy and Ayurveda

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