Ms. Akansha and Dr. Inder Singh Pal


 This research paper presents the analysis of the tennis serve kinematic ally with reference to selected variables. It also attempts to describe and explain effects of other kinematic factors on the performance of the player. The author also draws a focus on biomechanical analysis of the corresponding racket and ball dynamics, presented together with its analogy with angles at various joints. The goal of the study is to help the coaches in finding out the shortcomings in the execution of particular movement. To acquire kinematical data, a digital Nikon D-5200 video recording camera with a frame rate of 30 frames per second, were used during the execution by placing it left side of horizontal bar and perpendicular to the sagittal plane. The selected kinematic variables were drawn at the time of execution of service by using joint-point method and C.G was found by using segmentation table suggested by hay (1993). On the basis of results it is concluded that C.G plays an important role in executing an effective skill. If the C.G falls forward/ behind the base of support then it affects the performance in many ways.

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